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I like to keep things simple. Simple but significant (yes, that's a Don Draper quote from Mad Men, probably the best show ever).

I believe in working from a place of rest (not stress) and feeling excited about the work that you do. Your best work and the impact you make on this world will come from a place of passion, goodness and rest.  

I have lots of stories to tell. Some of success, many or failure and definitely a few that are still hard to swallow. I've made my share of mistakes but every single step in my journey has led me to THIS place where I can now help other people, just like me, navigate their journey.

I'm a Nurse (yep, that was the college degree), I built a successful wedding photography business and I own two brick and mortar shops, lovingly named graced. (If you're wondering how to start a business, I'm you're girl)

I've had some pretty amazing opportunities in my life. I was a Navy Nurse for 8 years. I lived in Iceland. I crossed the Arctic Circle and I walked the streets of Vienna at Christmas time. 

I've been married, and divorced (then remarried). I've given birth to babies and lost babies. I'm a mom and a step mom. I've excelled in my career and at times felt like I hit rock bottom. Like I said, I have stories. 

The most important things in my life are a golden retriever named Henry, a horse named Slammer, and oh yea, 4 teenagers (guess who eats more, the horse or the teenagers). I'm married to the most supportive husband on earth, John and we've made our home in rural Wisconsin on the lakeshore of Lake Michigan.