How to Motivate Yourself for Success when You're Just Not Feeling It

How to Motivate Yourself for Success when You're Just Not Feeling It

If you’re like me, you jump out of bed every morning feeling completely refreshed and ready to dive into your nicely organized to do list, hell, you don’t even need coffee, right?

No? That’s not you. Well, don’t worry that’s not me either. I am not a morning person and like every other human on this planet I too struggle with motivation.

Somedays I’ve got it and others…you’ll find me in bed binging on Netflix.

Let’s face it, we all have those days when despite having a list a mile long of things we need to do or want to do we just don’t feel like it. If you think you are the only one who feels this way, guess what? You are NOT alone!

So what to do when you need to break out of the funk and get moving? Here are some of the simple tricks and things I like to do to stop me from wasting the day away.


I know many people get totally pumped by putting on their favorite old school gagster rap (I feel ya) BUT how about putting some true inspiration into your earbuds? When I am feeling like I am not gonna get off the couch I turn to one of my many go-to business podcasts.

When I hear about people admire just killin’ it in their business it fires me up and my inner voice that is telling me that no one will mind if I stay in PJs all day, makes me get up and record a podcast or write a blog post (but I do keep on the PJs).

A few of my favorites right now include The Sunny Show with Sunny Lenarduzzi, Mind your Business Podcast with James Wedmore and the On Purpose Podcast with Alex Beadon.

If you don’t listen to podcasts, try an audiobook! I use Audile (from Amazon) and I’m addicted to listen to books rather than reading. If I am in the car or just working around the house I only consume positive inspiring media that keeps me going. Right now I am “reading” (actually being read to) Finish by Jon Acuff. He reads the book and I love how he infuses his personality into it.


For some people it’s tough to get motivated if they don’t have a clear plan of what they actually need to accomplish! This is where having a list and staying organized (using any method that works for you!) comes into play.

I’m one of those people who loves the old school planner. Yep, just can’t get me to quit them. I’ve tried many and I always come back to my favorite the Get to Work Book designed by Elise Cripe.

The Get to Work Book has lots of open space and a format to help you prioritize your goals and set intentions each day for what needs to get accomplished. I love the simple black and white format but if you love color and that helps to motivate you check out the Power Sheets by Lara Casey.


I use a timer and set a specific amount of time to specific tasks I know I want to complete that day. I CHOOSE how long it is going to take. So, I set aside say 1 hour to record and edit a podcast. If I need to work on my Pinterest account I set a timer for 20 minutes and dedicate that 20 minutes to just getting that done. If it takes less time to accomplish a task, awesome. Take that time and reward yourself.


I know that the morning is not my time. I tend to get more motivated and work better later in the day. You may find that you are most productive in the evening - that’s awesome, leverage that time! Make the most of it. Remember working from 9-5pm is NOT for everyone.

You can also try working in shorter bursts - set a timer for 20 minutes then rest for 10 - then repeat. The key is to stay focused during those work times, so minimize distractions and only take care of the task at hand.

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