Top 5 Favorite  Apps I Use For Instagram

Top 5 Favorite Apps I Use For Instagram

Have you noticed how fancy Instagram has become lately? Every time I scroll through my feed I seem to run across a new kind of graphic or a fun effect on an Instagram story. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with kickin' it old school and continue posting beautiful square images but if you want to up-level your Instagram game a bit and try something new I have a few fun and helpful apps to share with you! I have personally used all of these apps and I'm not an affiliate so these are 100% unbiased. 

Here we go...


I recently found Word Swag and I have to say, I am impressed. If you love creating beautiful text overlays for your images this is a must have tool. You can use your own images from your Photos and then apply custom text overlays to your images. You can also crop your images so they are the correct size for the platform you will be using. I have used this app for Instagram stories and it really changes it up and looks much more interesting than if you would just use a plain image and the stories print and icons. The app is free but you can purchase in-app upgrades if you'd like.  Here's just a few examples of how I've used Word Swag in my Instastories for my brick and mortar business - 


If you've been using Instagram for awhile you've probably heard of this niffty little app. It's similar to Word Swag but it offers more graphic design template you can use with your images (rather than the text overlays in Word Swag).  You can choose from pre-made templates for a variety of social media platforms (you name it they probably have it). This is a great app if you are away from your computer and you need a quick way to create a professional ad or image for any of your social media accounts. With a little practice you can quickly create beautiful images for your Instagram feed or InstaStory. Canva is a free app and it actually offers quite a few templates and stock images for free, of course in app purchases for more options is always available. 


We're moving on from the design apps to the Instagram scheduling and account analytic tools. Buffer is a social media scheduling system where you can create your Instagram, Facebook or even Pinterest posts and schedule when they should be posted. Buffer allows you to fill up a feed and then it will push out the content for you based on your posting schedule. Just recently Buffer started offering the ability for Instagram posts for business profiles to be pushed out and posted automatically. In the past you would receive a reminder and then you would have to manually go in and post the content to your feed.  This new automation is pretty darn nice but again it is only available for business accounts at this time. The Buffer Awesome plan is only $10/month and allows you to connect multiple social media accounts. 


If you are tired of the standard Instagram filters or you are just looking for a fast, easy way to edit your images before you post to Instagram this is a great app.  You can easily edit the common elements such as the brightness + exposure but you can also make adjustments to saturation, hue, shadows and apply vignette. This is a $.99 app in the app store which for it's capabilities is a steal. 


If you are a super organized person and you want to see a visual of your scheduled pins laid out in a grid before they are posted to your feed, PLANN is for you. PLANN is another social media scheduling app, similar to Buffer but it boosts a few different features. PLANN has several different options as far as pricing with the most expensive (but packed with tools) is the $9/mo plan. This app allows you to load your images, type your caption and add your hashtags. It also offers strong analytics so you can see which posts and hashtags are the most popular with your followers. Again, if you love planning ahead and mapping out your posts this app will be an awesome help to your workflow!


Change your Mind Set + Change your business

Change your Mind Set + Change your business