Top 5 Business Podcasts Every Girl Boss Should Be Listening To

I admit it, I am a little addicted to podcasts. I kind-of feel old admitting I love them because podcasts honestly remind me of talk radio (you know, what our parents listened to back in the day before podcasts!). As a small business owner I have found podcasts to be an amazing resource. I get my daily fix when I'm on the treadmill at the gym. The combination of the adrenaline from running and the excitement of implementing strategies mentioned in the podcasts get me pumped up (yea, I'm a nerd that way.)

Here are the top 5 business podcasts I have been listening to. Now, they may not be for everyone but I encourage you to at least download one episode and try them out! It's kind of like watching the first episode of a new show on Netflix (and let me tell you how glad I am that I gave Breaking Bad a chance!)


If you are a girl boss you have probably run across Jenna somewhere on the web. The girl is everywhere. Jenna is a photographer turned online marketer and educator with a contagious personality. Jenna breaks down all things business on her podcast keeping it light hearted and explaining things in an easy to understand way. Jenna covers a variety of topics so there is pretty much something for everyone AND she lands amazing guests (like Nastia Liukin - the Olympic gold medal winner turned girl boss!). I promise if you listen to just one episode you will be hooked!


Let me tell you about my girl Amy (no I don't know her in real life, I just like to pretend like I do!). Amy is one of those amazing people who is a legit expert at all things marketing. Amy also has the best radio voice ever! Her podcast is fun, upbeat and packed full of helpful strategies that you can implement in your business. Amy gives away so much free content it's pretty unbelievable. She has detailed show notes along with a free pdf with just about every episode. I often find myself taking notes and then remember that she already has a resource ready for you - all you have to do it download it. If you love online business, you'll fall in love with Amy (and her husband Hobie is pretty awesome too!)


While the first two podcasts focus on giving practical tips you can use in your business, James likes to dig a little deeper and focus on the mindset of being a small business owner and entrepreneur. James steps back and likes to look at the big picture and how our mindset, perceptions and even our intuition affect how we run our business and make decisions. While some may find his approach a little "woo-woo" (he actually uses this word to sometimes describe his approach) I think his insight is really fascinating. If you like digging deeper and love exploring the conscious and unconscious side of business this podcast is for you.


Donald Miller is a New York Times best selling author and all around marketing bad ass. The very first episode of this podcast that I listened to featured an interview with Howard Schultz (founder of Starbucks, yea that guy). It was awesome. I learned so much from that one episode and the biggest take away? Be relentless in the pursuit of your passion.  He has also featured guests like Caitlin Crosby (owner of the Giving Keys) and author Rachel Hollis (author of Girl, Wash your Face).  I love the way Donald asks really probing questions and really brings out the back story and the best in his guests.


Ok, yes, this is a shameless plug for my own podcast. Lame, I know. But hear me out! I started this podcast back in the fall of 2017 as part of my marketing and advertising for my brick and mortar stores graced. I really wanted a place to interview and feature all of the amazing creatives and makers who were providing the goods that we sell in the stores. I firmly believe in small businesses supporting one another and this seemed like a win/win. The podcast features interviews about people who at the core are simply just finding a way to live out their passions. As the podcast has grown I realized I was connecting with other small business owners, just like me. One of my biggest passions is business so natural I started talking more and more about business topics that are of an interest to photographers, creatives and other girl bosses who are doing a side hustle or are self employed. Take a chance and check it out, I think you'll be glad you did.

Happy listening!!