How to Repurpose your Blog Content like a Boss

How much time do you spend working on your blog posts? It's probably more time than you think and while you hope that once you hit publish and send it out into the world everyone will sit down and have a good read. Am I right? Sadly we all know that not everyone is going to check your blog for new posts on a regular basis or see that Facebook post on your business page (did you know that only 2-6% of your Facebooks even see it?!). 

Gone are the days of you just sharing your content in one place, one time. If you do that basically the only people who will see your new content is your Mom, because she's a highly engaged follower. The solution? Repurpose your content and serve it up to your audience in multiple ways. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

#1 Share your content on Pinterest and create multiple images to promote your blog post.

Posting just one pin about your new blog post on Pinterest may or may not be enough to get the content in front of your ideal client. It's perfectly fine to create several pins that link back to the same post. Try using a different and unique pin design for each pin and you can see which style performs better! 

#2 Create a Facebook post about the blog post AND do a Facebook Live video about the same content.

Right now the best way to reach followers on Facebook is through video. Facebook gives priority to video and the longer the video the better (of course within reason!) Talk about the blog content in the video so you are still reaching people who may not have seen the blog post. You can always direct your audience back to the blog post at the end of the video.

#3 Do podcast about the content.

These days I try to keep blog posts short and very actionable. There is always room to expand on a topic so using the same content for a podcast is a great way to dig deeper. Even if you do a shorter bonus podcast it's a great way to get the content out there and gives your audience another way to connect with you through your podcast. 

#4 Create a PDF download as a content upgrade or a freebie.

Looking for a new opt-in freebie for your e-mail list? Why not take some of the content from a blog post, expand on it or create a workbook? This is a great way to help grow your e-mail list and give value to your audience. You can also use it as a content up-grade for a future post on a similar subject.

#5 Create a slide deck of the content and add a voiceover.

Turn that blog post content into a free mini training. Use Power Point or Keynote to create slides, then record an audio overlay using Quicktime screen capture. You can post the training on your blog or use it as a content upgrade!

#6 Create a series of automated e-mails using the content.

I know that I am always looking for new ideas on what to include in my e-mails to my subscribers. You can use content you already created and break it down into a series of e-mails that you can send to your list. 

How have you repurposed your content?