How you should Be Spending your Time when you are Building your Business

How you should Be Spending your Time when you are Building your Business

If you're like me, you've started projects or blogs in hopes to gain a following and build a business, but I would get easily frustrated. If you are working a full time job and trying to do your side hustle, blog and find clients it feels like you are getting no where fast. 

A few months back I decided I was going to start a blog for my brick and mortar stores, graced. I did three (pretty darn awesome) posts and then I let it sit. And sit. Guess what? No one knew the blog existed and I had zero page views. Looking back I realized that the reason it fell flat was because I didn't have a plan. 

You can't expect to build your business when you have no plan and a shaky foundation. 

I want to help you come up with a plan for your business. A plan to help you build a strong foundation and then start growing your tribe. 

It's all about knowing what to do and where to spend your very precious time when you are first starting out. If you are building your business while working a 9-5 gig you may only have a handful of hours a week to devote to your business. You need to optimize your productivity during those hours for maximum impact!

Here's how I decided to break down my time in the first several months of my business.

1. Content Creation (Blogging) 40% 

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Yep, I devote the majority of my to good old content creation. In my case I wanted to focus on building a strong foundation for my business and that is a blog that offers valuable actionable content for my ideal client. 

Having a library of strong quality content serves several purposes. It is usually a persons first interaction with your brand or business. It's a hand shake. You are using your blog to establish yourself as an expert and to give your audience a little peek into your personality. 

Having a pretty website doesn't do much good if there is no content to help your audience and if there is no reason to return to your site. When you are first starting your business blogging and creating original content should be a priority. Once you have a well established collection of content you will be able to decrease the amount of time you spend on new content creation. You may be able to start with blogging 2-3 times a week and then eventualy you can decrease that to maybe once a week or 1-2 posts per month.

2. Social Media Marketing 30%

Once you have that strong foundation of a content packed blog and website you have to get the word out. You need to use social media to help you find your tribe and drive traffic to your website or blog. 

Everyone's social media plan will look a bit different depending on which platforms you decide work best for your business. In my business I decided to focus the majority of my time using a solid Pinterest strategy and using Instagram. I did also create a facebook group but decided to put more emphasis on Pinterest and Instagram to start. 

The key to social media marketing is consistency. Again, you need to have a plan. Now, don't over think your plan, keep it simple and easy enough that you can implement the plan every day and stay consistent. 

For example - for Pinterest I use Tailwind to schedule pins to be posted throughout the day to my boards and I create 5 new pins each day that are specific to promoting my own content. The pins I create point my audience to specific blog articles, to podcasts or to my free guides and e-courses. 

3. List Building 20%

I am breaking out list building as a separate task only because you do need to spend some time setting up the automation you'll need to build your e-mail list. List building is so important. As soon as you decide to start a business you need to start growing your list.

Creating content and social media marketing are part of your list building strategy, really all of the tasks you do in your business should be helping you to grow that e-mail list. 

In my business the time I spend in this area is usually devoted to creating new free guides or resources that my audience will want and in exchange give me their e-mail address.  For example. I created a free guide 50 Instagram Captions that Connect + Engage. If someone would like to get their hands on that guide they will be directed to the landing page for that freebie and they will opt into the e-mail list. Then an automated e-mail will be generated sending them the free content. 

I know, it sounds kind of complicated and techy. It's not super hard to set up but it can take some time. This is really going to be the biggest way you collect those e-mail addresses and build engagement with your people so you will want to make sure you set time aside to get this all set up and running smoothly. 

4. Education 10%

When you are first starting your business there is so much to learn. Thankfully there are amazing podcasts, blogs and courses that you can take created by entrepreneurs that have been in your shoes.

I spend a good part of my day listening to podcasts and e-books (a great thing to do when you are running errands). I will also do some work in e-courses that I purchased from other creatives. There is always something new to learn and to stay inspired and to keep moving forward you need to make that time in your schedule to do some education for yourself. 

I do caution you though, once you take that time to learn something new don't become paralyzed or overwhelmed. It's so easy to start comparing ourselves to other entrepreneurs and think "there's no way I can be like him/her" or "I just don't have the time or money to put into my business". Guess what? Everyone starts somewhere. 

Take what you learn and maybe implement one new tactic or tip in your business. Don't feel like you need to do everything at once. Remember the key is to just start and stay consistent.

Now, there are many many things you will do in your business as it begins to build and take shape. This list is by any means a complete to-do list but I hope it gives you some idea of where to start spending your time and help you to create a plan and priorities for your business. 

If you're looking for some great education you can listen to the Built by graced (yes, shameless plug for my own podcast!).




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