Three No Fail Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Three No Fail Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

When starting a new small business one of the greatest challenges is getting the word out and letting the world know that you are here and ready to serve! A great way to drive traffic is through content marketing. Using a blog to create content that your ideal audience is looking for is a great way to bring potential customers to your website or blog! 

Once you create that awesome content you want to drive traffic to your website so your audience becomes familiar with your products or services, get to know you and build trust. Maybe not right away but eventually you want to convert these visitors to paying customers. Think of your website as your handshake and first impression with that potential customer. That's why you want to create a beautiful site that is functional and serves your visitor. You want to get that visitor to come back again and again. 

If you don't already have a blog I would strongly encourage you to start one. Content based blogs help bring new visitors to your site and helps you to rank higher in Google. Make sure your website is packed with relevant keywords and that you update it often. 

1. Create headlines that intrigue and make people curious

There are a few keys to writing awesome headlines. The first is to always write your headline first and use it as a guide for your post - think of it as a promise for your readers, you want to deliver exactly what you wrote in the headline. According to Copy Blogger out of 10 people who read your headline, only 2 will actually read the article. That's why its so important to grab your reader's attention from the start.

A great resource for headlines is from Copy Blogger - they offer a free e-book How to Write Magnetic Headlines. You will need to register on the website but once you do you'll have access to some great free content!

2. Creatively point traffic to your website through social media

Use social media to funnel people back to your website but try to mix it up! Use video such as Facebook Live or Insta Stories to talk about your new piece of content. Maybe give your followers a sneak peek about the post and leave your audience wanting more. 

I am a huge fan of using Pinterest to drive traffic to my website - even though Pinterest is more like a search engine than social media it is an excellent way to get your content in front of your ideal audience. 

3. Write longer, more detailed posts 

Try to write longer posts that are more than 500 words. I good rule of thumb is to shoot for about 1200-1500 words. Why? Because many people write posts less than 500 words. You want to establish your blog as the "go to" source for a specific topic. You want your blog posts to become resources for your audience. 

4. Create content more frequently and consistently

It's important to post consistently so that people know what to expect from you. You want your audience to be excited to see your new content. If you are inconsistent with your blogging schedule people will be disappointed when they make the time to visit your blog and there is no new content (and you want those return readers!)

5. Ensure you are using good SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

I know SEO sounds like this big scary beast but it actually isn't all that complicated or difficult to implement in your blog posts. Make certain that your blog post title contains lots of "searchable" keywords and that you create a title that explains what your content is about. Search engines are scanning your website pulling together information about your content and then getting the most relevant content in front of the user. So, if someone were on Google and they typed in "how to drive traffic to my website" this article may be in their search results. 

Your title, content and photo tags are all searchable so you want to be certain you are using relevant words in your descriptions. Search engines also favor websites that are not stagnate, meaning sites that are updated often and post new content. Remember that while you do want to have a catchy headline you also want to make sure it makes sense. If you create a post and "keyword stuff" meaning you add keywords everywhere and in places it doesn't make sense you will confuse you readers and the search engines will be able to detect that. The best SEO policy is to pay attention to it but also approach it with honesty. 


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