How to Create Pins that Get Noticed (and Repinned!)

How to Create Pins that Get Noticed (and Repinned!)

I've always loved Pinterest. In fact, I remember when Pinterest was first released in 2010, I actually had to request an account. They only had capacity for so many users that you were actually put on a waiting list! From the beginning I used Pinterest like most people do. I used it to pin cute outfit ideas, to find recipes and get home decor inspiration. 

It wasn't until recently that I started looking at Pinterest differently. While some people refer to Pinterest as a social media platform, it is better described as a search engine. Think about how you use Pinterest. If you are looking for great chicken recipe that is exactly what you type in the search bar. You could use Google the same way but the difference is that Pinterest is all about the images and visual experience. Much like Instagram the images or pins are the star of show and Pinterest gives you the ability to save these images on a "board" (think old school tack boards) so you can find it easier later.

Pinterest recently released new statistics boasting over 175 million users and they are still growing at a rapid pace, specifically in Europe and Japan. If your target audience is women, Pinterest is the right platform for you - 81% of all Pinterest users are female. My ideal client fits right in with the Pinterest user profile which makes it an ideal way to reach people who may find my content helpful. Over 14 million articles are pinned each day and I want my posts to be in the mix!

I just recently started getting serious about using Pinterest as a way to promote my businesses (I can't wait to share my success story here and how it did it!). Needless to say I have been learning a ton about Pinterest strategy along the way. In this post I want to focus on just one part of the overall strategy - how to create Pins at users notice, engage with, repin and (most importantly) click through to your website. 

1. Always use vertical pins

For years Pinterest has always suggested pins should be vertical in a 2:3 ratio size. In the 2018 updates Pinterest confirmed that they prefer the vertical 2:3 size of 600x900 pixels. You can choose to create longer pins (these are often referred to as "giraffe pins"). Giraffe pins are most popular when you are posting info graphics to Pinterest.  Keep in mind that any pins that are longer than 1260 pixels will be cut off on the feed.

Here's the latest update from Pinterest's Creative Approach page:

"Pins are organized into columns, so vertical Pins take up more space and tend to stand out more on our platform. The ideal aspect ratio for a vertical Pin is 2:3—600px wide x 900px high.

Square images—600px wide x 600px high—can work well, too. Pins longer than 1260px high will get cut off, and people will only see the entirety of the Pin when they tap it for a closeup. Pinterest optimizes Pins that fit within these preferred aspect ratios."

2. Provide detailed descriptions for each pin

Writing detailed descriptions takes time, but they are so so important! It may be tempting to skip the description and let the pin "speak for itself" but without a detailed, keyword packed description your pin will be lost in the great big world of Pinterest. The description helps Pinterest catalog your content and makes your pin more searchable. 

3. Use a template and be consistent

When people scroll through their feed you want your pin to be so recognizable that they automatically recognize that a particular pin came from you. It's absolutely ok and a good idea to experiment with different pin designs but try to keep some consistency in the design. Use consistent fonts and colors to maintain your brand identity. 

I use a few different templates when designing my pins and I create multiple pins for each blog post. The different pin may appeal to different Pinterest users. 

4. Use hashtags in your descriptions

You can use up to 20 different hashtags in your Pin descriptions. You want your hashtags to contain key search words so your pin shows up in relevant searches. I have found a super easy way to find keywords and to see what word combinations Pinterest users are using when they search. Just type a main keyword into the search bar - for example, for this article I'd search "Pinterest". Here's what I see....

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 4.16.39 PM.png

In the drop down menu Pinterest gives me suggestions based on the most searched phrases related to the word "Pinterest". When I create my pin description I want to try to incorporate as many of those search terms but only if they make sense for the blog post I'm writing. Even though "pinterest fails" is a heavily searched phrase that's not what my post is about so it doesn't make sense. You can use these common search teams to create hash tags to put in your description.

While there are several hacks, tips and tricks you can use to make your pins more visible keep in mind that you want to be honest with your promotion and the content you are delivering. There is nothing I dislike more than clicking on a pin that takes me to a completely different article then the description or doesn't deliver on the promise made in the pin image. 

5. Plan ahead for optimal performance

When using Pinterest to promote your business, service or product you always want to be thinking ahead. When people are using Pinterest they are often planning for the future. For example, when Fall rolls around we are all ready for all things Pumpkin Spice and fun Halloween decor ideas. To gain momentum with your Fall pins you want get those pins out there and circulating before Fall, ideally in mid summer when people start thinking about Fall. 

To help businesses plan Pinterest created a super cool tool that outlines each season and holiday and the most idea time to get your pins up so that they are highly visible during that season. You can check out the 2018 Pinterest Possibility Planner to help you get your pins in front of your ideal client or customer. Pinterest recommends you add your pins at least 2 months prior to the season/holiday so you can reach pinners as they begin to plan.

I have learned so so much about Pinterest and the potential it has to really grow your business over the past month! I have so much more to share so keep your eye out for more upcoming posts on how to leverage the power of Pinterest for your business!!




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