Is Manifestation a Real "Thing"?

Is Manifestation a Real "Thing"?

Have you guys heard of this? I first ran across the idea of manifesting when I got hooked on a few finance and budgeting You Tube channels. I had never even considered the idea that you can manifest (or believe) in the power of attraction to achieve a goal or gain financial freedom. I met with a friend, a financial planner, for coffee the other day and I brought up the idea of manifestation. I asked her "do you believe in this?", I thought for sure she was going to say, "Natalie, I think you're crazy" but she got really animated and said "YES!!!".

I decided I needed to learn more about the whole concept of manifesting because even though it's a little bit "out there" I'm kind-of into it! I listen to an amazing podcast "The Mind your Business Podcast" with James Wedmore and he talks about the concept of manifestation often (I definitely recommend you check it out). I did a quick Google search to see if I could find more articles and information about the concept of manifestation. The Huff Post actually had a really great article that you can reference here

To manifest you have to trust in the process. 

Just in case you have never heard of manifestation let me brake it down for is based on the "law of attraction". Here's how Wikipedia explains it...

"the law of attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts people can bring positive or negative experiences into their life. The belief is based on the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from "pure energy", and that through the process of "like energy attracting like energy" a person can improve their own health, wealth and personal relationships."

In 2006 Rhonda Byrne published "The Secret" (which later became a documentary film). I bet you can guess what she wrote is the "secret". In the book Byrne suggests that the subconscious mind controls everything around you and that you have the ability to take control of those thoughts to achieve success in many areas of your life including health, finance, relationships and ambition. Are you still with me? I know, sounds "woo woo" right? That's ok, because it is this really different way of thinking that we just aren't used to. 

So, how to do manifest something? For the purpose of this article we are just going to focus on the positive thoughts because, I mean, come on. Who really wants to manifest the negative? There are actually seven steps to manifestation. 

1. Define what it is you want to manifest and be specific

Right now in my life I really want to focus on business growth and prosperity. To be more specific - I want to grow my online business so that I can pay off debt and never have to worry about money. Wouldn't that be nice? If I get really really specific - I want to earn $100k with my first online course launch. Why not dream big?

2. Ask the "Universe" 

The "Universe" can be defined as God or a higher power. And asking for the things you want to manifest can be done through prayer, meditation or even just writing a letter and getting it down on paper. The important thing is that you put it "out into the Universe". 

3. Work Towards your Goals

OK, so you didn't think you just ask the Universe and what you want to manifest just happens, did you? You do have to do some work. Think of it as working with the Universe to achieve your goals. You are "co-creating" your manifest with your higher power. Make this step actionable in your life. Right now I have daily goals of 1. writing a blog post 2. creating 5 Pinterest Pins to promote that post 3. create 1 podcast weekly 4. do one module for my online course each week and 5. add 50 new subscribers to my e-mail list weekly.

You want to have actionable goals that you can check off as you complete them and they have to be achievable.  Think of these goals as a challenge and as a huge accomplishment as you achieve the small goals and work towards the larger goal.

4. Trust the Process

If you get stuck or just start to say things to yourself like, "ok, this is a load of..." stop yourself! You have to trust the process for manifestation to work. Work on changing your thoughts to be positive. Practice saying to yourself, "I can do this and I will achieve my goals." Remember that God, the Universe, the higher being has your back. 

5. Receive and Acknowledge what you get

For this step you need to pat attention. Your signs of progress may be small but you need to acknowledge your wins, big or small. Check off those small tasks and goals as you achieve them and watch for signs from the Universe that you are on your way to manifesting your goals. I like to write down my "wins" for the week in my planner but you could also keep a gratitude journal and write down all of the things you are thankful for each night. 

The key to manifestation is a very simple sentence: thoughts become things.

6. Keep your "vibration" high + let the happiness flow

Here's where this get a little "woo-woo" but I'm embracing it. The law of attraction says that you will attract what you send out into the world. If you project joy and positive energy - joy and positive energy will come your way.  Don't let yourself get discouraged. I know this is tough. If someone cuts you off, just think "hey they must be in a hurry" instead of getting angry and sending out bad vibes.

Do something everyday that brings you joy to get that high vibration of goodness going! Get outside, go for a walk, listen to some good music - get in your happy place so you can send out happiness and love into the world.

7. Let down your resistance + stay committed

Do you feel like you're not getting what you want? Do you just feel like this whole manifestation thing isn't working for you? Maybe it's because you're resisting! Frustration, anxiety, fear, pain and doubts are ways you could be resisting what the Universe is trying to give you. If you start feeling like you are resisting you have to remind yourself to let your guard down. Relax and go back to step 5 - gratefully receive your manifest and acknowledge it.

So what do you guys think? Too out there? Or do-able?

Even though it's a little bit more spiritual and theoretical than what I'd normally go for I am choosing to embrace the 7 steps of manifestation. I'm gonna try this out and I'll keep you updated!



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