What Happened when I Completely Ignored my Business for a Week

What Happened when I Completely Ignored my Business for a Week

**This post does contain affiliate links for Tailwind + Interact. If you try Tailwind or Interact using my link I will get a small commission on each sale. These are the first affiliate programs I have EVER done because I am so confident in their services. I know it works and would never recommend something that I don't use myself! I REALLY love it and I know you will too!

Have you ever heard that saying - "Plans are made to be broken"?

That just about sums up the past week for me. Every Sunday evening I start the week with a plan. A plan that I even write in my old fashioned paper planner (I have a planner addiction). A plan to implement strategies to help move my business forward, grow my e-mail list and reach out to my audience. 

Last week my plans were completely derailed. I was barely able to get one blog post written and my daily content creation, e-mail and social media goals went down the toilet. 

So, what happened to my business while I was away? What impact did it have on my goals? You just may be surprised that when it comes to meeting my goals it had very little impact. 

I continued to grow my e-mail list at about the same rate of daily subscribers. 

I continued to have just about the same amount of blog traffic

I also continued to gain followers on Pinterest.

How is this possible?

I have to give all the credit to the systems I have in place to do the work while I am away. 

Let me tell you about them.

No. 1 : Tailwind

I started using Tailwind about 2 months ago to help me gain consistency with my Pinterest strategy. Once you set up your Tailwind account it will pin to your boards the pins that you pre-schedule. You can schedule pins for weeks and weeks in advance and never have to log into your Pinterest account (but I often do just to pin the fun stuff!)

I cannot express how much positive impact Tailwind has had on my business. About 80% of my monthly blog traffic comes from Pinterest which was made possible by leveraging the power of Tailwind. You can get a FREE trial of Tailwind HERE.

No. 2: Podcast Scheduling

I recently discovered the impact of batching your tasks and started recording my podcasts in batches. I'll record 3-4 episodes in one block of time and get them scheduled out to be published each Wednesday morning at 7am. 

Pre-recording and scheduling my podcasts in advance takes such a weight off my shoulders and delivers consistent content to audience every single week. So, if I have a bad week, get sick or go on a vacation you wouldn't even know I'm away!

I use Libsyn to host my podcast and their software allows you to schedule your future episodes. You can check out the graced Business Podcast HERE!

No. 3: Interact

Remember how I mentioned that my e-mail list continued to grow even though I wasn't sitting at my computer all week? That's because I have systems in place to deliver my lead magnets and grow my list through other opt in's such as Interact. 

Interact is a service that allows you to create interactive quizzes that you can have link to your website or blog. The quizzes can be completely customized and reflect your style and branding. 

Using a quiz to grow your list is a new and creative way to engage and interact with your audience. You can try it out Interact HERE!


To start using Tailwind to grow your business you can sign up using this link (please note that this is an affiliate link, if you do sign up using this link I receive a small commission) :



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My 60-Day Blog Report : How my Business has Grown in the first 60 Days

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