Pinterest Strategy Update: What to do if you've Been using BoardBooster

Last week our friends at Pinterest dropped a bomb. They announced that the pin scheduling software, BoardBooster, violates the Pinterest terms and conditions and therefore if you are using BoardBooster your account could be suspended or deleted.

After all of hours you have poured into your Pinterest account you could loose it if you continue to use Board Booster. I'd like to keep my Pinterest account so I am completely onboard. I actually tried Board Booster a few months ago and wasn't convinced it was for me so this isn't too devastating. 

So what do you need to do to keep your Pinterest account safe? The obvious is of course, stop using BoardBooster immediately then...

1. Change your Pinterest Password

Pinterest recommends that you change your password so that Board Booster no longer has access to your Pinterest account and can no longer automate pins for you. You can easily change your password by going to your profile. 

2. Start Using an Approved Pinterest Partner

As of today, Tailwind is currently the only Pin scheduling software that is approved by Pinterest. Tailwind is used by small business owners and large corporations and has the capability to also schedule Instagram posts. 

I've used Tailwind for the last 3 months and in that time I have seen substantial growth in my Pinterest reach and website traffic. I would highly recommend getting started with Tailwind, you can read more about how it helped my grow my business here

To start using Tailwind to grow your business you can sign up using this link (please note that this is an affiliate link, if you do sign up using this link I receive a small commission) :