Why Creating New Content is a Must when Starting your Online Business

Why Creating New Content is a Must when Starting your Online Business

Here's the deal people, I'm gonna just lay it all out there for you. When you start a new online business or blog you can't just create a gorgeous jaw dropping website and wait for the traffic to start rolling in. 

The reality is that you need to have a solid plan and a reason for people to take the time to visit your blog or site and spend their time hanging out with you in your online world. 

Even before you start worrying about choosing your color palette and branding for your website you need to give thought to what type of CONTENT you will be delivering on your platform. 

I've pulled together a few tips to help you create a content plan BEFORE you ever go live with your website. If you do already have a blog or a website that has been just chillin' collecting internet duct don't worry! You can still revive that blog with some good content and some consistency!


It doesn't matter if you decide to write one blog post a month or three blog posts a week but you have to create some consistency around creating NEW but evergreen content. Evergreen content means that the information presented in the content is for the most part timeless. Meaning that it doesn't matter when you reader comes across the content it is still going to be helpful and relevant. We all know that the world of tech moves quickly so you may need to go back to older post periodically and do updates to ensure relevancy. 


It's important to create new and fresh content to get return visits to your site or blog but also remember that when it comes to marketing your content it's a good idea to re-marketing content. For example, let's say you did a blog post about how to increase your Instagram following. Chances are that only a handful of people saw your Facebook post, instagram post or Pin about that post. 

Maximize the impact of that content by marketing that post several times and maybe even once a month or every few months direct your audience back to that post. 


When you publish a new blog post or content on your site be sure to take advantage of that post by adding several opportunities in that post for the reader to engage further. That may mean adding opt ins for your newsletter or opportunities for your readers to opt in for your lead magnet or freebie. You may also invite your readers to follow you on a social media platform or start subscribing to your podcast. 

Your content is a great way to serve your audience, engage them and then ask them to take that next step. Consider that first interaction on your blog as a hand shake and an opportunity to connect. More content = more opportunities to build that trust and relationship.


One of your goals in creating your online business is to establish yourself in your niche as an expert. Creating new, relevant and actionable content takes work and commitment.  An expert doesn't become an expert just by declaring "I'm the expert in this topic." That trust is earned and established over a period of time.

By creating QUALITY content consistently you will begin to create trust and people will start coming back to you for advice or consider you that "go to" person for your niche. For example - Amy Porterfield didn't become an expert in the Online Marketing field just because she recorded one podcast and offered one freebie. She has recorded over 200 podcasts and creates new content for her audience every, single, week. That's how you establish yourself as an expert. 

So, what's your plan? How often do you plan to create new content?

How are you going to market your new content? What social media platforms will you use to share your new content?

In what area do you what to established yourself as an expert? What's your niche?

Ready to get started? You can do this.



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