How to Create Blog Posts that Get Noticed

How to Create Blog Posts that Get Noticed

If you are a new or even a seasoned blogger, you know how important it is to create blog posts that your ideal audience actually wants to read! 

So what is it that makes some blog posts more engaging and fun to read than others?

To be sure that your readers actually read (or scan) your posts here are 5 tips to ensure your audience gets the most from your content. 


It all starts with the title. You want to be sure that you take some time and put some effort into the titles of your blog posts. Did you know that 80% of readers never make it past the title?

According to CopyBlogger, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will actually read the post (source). 

There is fierce competition in the media to get readers to click on links and read (or just see) someone's website or blog post. Once you've got that reader to click on your blog post you want to keep them engaged. 


We're going back to elementary school here when we learned the essential parts of writing an essay. Start with the introduction, then add the content in the middle paragraphs and finally write a summary paragraph or conclusion.

It't not only important to format your posts correctly, you should also be sure that your content and ideas flow into one another. Avoid jumping from one topic to the next abruptly and keep your post very specific. 

While it may be tempting to give your audience lots of valuable information you also want to stay on topic to prevent the reader from feeling confused or overwhelmed. 


Most people just scan blog posts, meaning they take a quick look at the headings, titles and subtitles to decide which parts of the article they want to read or may find helpful.

Be sure to clearly separate ideas and content by using different fonts or bold/italics to emphasis the different sections of your content and to highlight the action steps or key content. 


Try to relay the message as succinctly as possible and avoid the fluff. We know that readers are going to quickly scan our content so we want to be sure that we relay our messages in a way that they can easily consume the content.

Most people just want to pull the meat from your post however there is still a place for what I would call an "epic" blog post that is rich with content and that digs deeper into a specific topic.

If you have some epic blog posts be sure to break up the content - meaning add more paragraphs with few sentences to keep the reader from feeling overwhelmed.


If you are providing actionable content make certain you list out the key takeaways at the end of the post. I've recently seen large media news sites starting to create a "cliff notes" or short version of many news articles so people can save time and get the facts. 



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