How I grew my E-mail List to 300 Subscribers in 60 Days : Lessons Learned

How I grew my E-mail List to 300 Subscribers in 60 Days : Lessons Learned

I've been on my e-mail list growth journey for just about 2 and a half months now. You may have already read my very first blog post about my journey - How I Started my E-mail List and got 100 Subscribers in Less than 30 Days. If you haven't and you are thinking about starting your own list I definitely recommend you check it out!

As I write this I am sitting at just over 300 subscribers in less than 3 months. I wanted to touch on a few insights I have gained along the way and some changes I am going to make to my growth strategy moving forward.


If I could give you one piece of advice when it comes to starting your list it would be to be persistent but also be patient. While it is possible to gain thousands of subscribers in just days it's not the norm. List building can take time and you're going to learn some lessons along the way.

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Don't make the mistake of giving up on your list when it's not growing as quickly as you'd like. Somedays I'll gain 8 new e-mail subscribers and others maybe just one or two. The key to building your list is to have a strategy to drive traffic to your opt-ins. It is not enough to create your lead magnet and just sit back and collect e-mail addresses. You have to be persistent with your marketing and you have to consistently be driving traffic to that lead magnet. 


When I first started my list I created 5 different lead magnets. I know, crazy, right? I created opt ins and lead pages for each magnet and started driving traffic to every lead magnet. I segmented my e-mail list so I know how many opt-ins I was receiving from each lead magnet and I was also able to see conversion rates for each lead page. 

I was able to see, in a short amount of time which lead magnets were performing better than others. By far my Instagram lead magnet was the most popular and the lead page for that free guide has about a 43% conversion rate. 

Some of my other opt in pages have great conversion rates (up to 60%) but far less traffic than the Instagram lead page. All of my lead magnets are bringing e-mail subscribers to my list but the Instagram lead magnet is by far has had the most impact on my list. 


I started my e-mail list the same time I started my blog. Most weeks I add 2-3 new blog posts about various business topics and always market my new posts on Pinterest. After the blog had been up and running for about 6 weeks I started taking a look at which blog posts were the most popular. 

The most popular post guessed it, an Instagram post. The 5 Mistakes you are Making on Instagram and how to Fix It. Within this blog post I offer my 50 Captions that Connect lead magnet as a "content upgrade".

A content upgrade is when you add more content related to that post in the form of a lead magnet to ask the reader to opt in to your e-mail list. 

My second most popular post is How I Started my E-mail List and Got my First 100 Subscribers in Less than 30 Days. So, what did I do? I create a content upgrade in the form of a step-by-step guide to starting your e-mail list. 

Yep, this is the opt-in...if you are just starting your e-mail list and have questions this guide will definitely help! 

The most important advice I can give you is to just start the process. Remember it takes time and persistence but you will see growth. Keep in min that every subscriber is a living breathing person. If you can serve or help just one person that's a pretty big deal. 


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