3 Ways to Handle Rejection as a Small Business Owner

3 Ways to Handle Rejection as a Small Business Owner

Nobody said it would be easy. The life of small businesses owner, while filled with big wins can also have deep lows when it comes to rejection. 

We have all faced rejection at some point in our lives and we know how it feels. Sometimes it feels like you've been punched in the gut or you get that lump in your throat, you know, that feeling right before the tears well up. It just sucks. 

Unfortunately it's part of being an entrepreneur and it's going to happen (hopefully just not too often!) When it does happen it helps to have a few tools in your tool belt to help get you through it and come out and the other side unscathed and maybe even stronger. 

They are Saying no to Your Product or Offer, Not to You

We take it pretty personally when we hear a "no" but we really shouldn't. Most people have a really good reason why they may be saying no to your product or offer. Maybe they just can't afford it right now. Maybe they already have something similar. Maybe they just are not that into it. But it doesn't mean that they don't like you.

People do not need to tell you why they are saying no. They just are. So, while it feels like a jab to the heart (especially if it is a friend or a family member) take a moment to say to yourself, "it's ok, they have their reasons." 

When we feel passionate or are invested in a product we are selling it's hard to understand that not everyone is as pumped about it. I'm sure you have brushed off a friend trying to sell you the newest health supplement or an invite to a jewelry party. You had your reasons and it wasn't because you didn't like or love that person.

So, try to simply take it at face value. They are not rejecting YOU they are just saying "no thanks" to what you are selling. 

Find your People

Have you ever wondered how some people put something out there for sale and in moments it is sold out? Like, how do they freakin' do that?! (so annoying, right)

Their success probably isn't because their product is the most awesome thing in the whole world, it's because they are selling to a warm audience.  They have probably spent years building up an audience and establishing a know, like and trust with their followers. 

For example, Chip and Joanna Gains create a new line of home goods with Target and before anyone has even seen one thing from this collection they are lined up at the doors of Target 3 hours before they open. Why? Because they know Chip and Joanna's style. They LIKE Chip and Joanna and the TRUST them. They have shown in the past that they put out great design and awesome product so people jump on board immediately. 

At first you're not going to have a big tribe of followers, you're not going to be able to reach millions of people through their TV screens to establish that trust so you're going to get your fair share of "no's". Just remember that you probably just haven't found the RIGHT group of people, you haven't found the people who want and or will benefit from your products. 

So, even if you get 100 "no's" keep going. Keep searching for your tribe. Keep searching for the people who have your same values and who really want or need what you have to offer! They are out there and if you are persistent, you'll find them!

Focus on the YES

True story. I was putting a big event together and started selling tickets for the events. I put it out into the great big world of social media and said "hey, I'm hosting this cool thing, come join me." Harmless enough, right? 

Well, I got quite a few people who really just were not interested. There were a lot of no's. Some of them not to kind. BUT here's the thing, there were lots of yeses too! Why was it that the people who said no bummed me out so much?!

Whenever we get negative feedback that tends to stick out in our minds. We focus so much on the negative when there is probably far far more people who are giving us positive feedback.

I like to save e-mails from customers and clients who have given me really positive feedback, those who really appreciated what I have to offer. If I'm feeling bummed out by the negative I go back and read those e-mails to remind me that people do appreciate what I'm doing and what I offer to the world. 

Keep in mind that people who are regularly negative have issues. I mean, why would you intentionally be mean to someone? People who are unhappy like to make other people unhappy and those people are not your people. 

So, next time you get a no or a rejection remember, they probably aren't saying no to you, just no to your product. And maybe it's just a "not right now." Don't let a no bring you down or discourage you from pushing forward. Be persistent. Be relentless. And success will follow. 


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