The Truth About Podcasting: 4 Questions you Should ask Before you Start a Podcast

The Truth About Podcasting: 4 Questions you Should ask Before you Start a Podcast

A few weeks ago I was sitting in the hair studio of my rock star stylist and she said to me, “I think I want to start a podcast, what do you think?” I love chatting about business and podcasting so I was happy to jump into the conversation and talk it through.

The advice I gave her about podcasting actually surprised me. Through our conversation I realized that there are several really important questions that you should address prior to diving into the podcasting world.

Tip #1 Identify your Purpose - Why do you want to start a podcast?

Before you start a podcast it is so important to get clear on how the podcast will help your business. The commitment you make to a podcast is no joke. To have a successful podcast you need to show up consistently which means having an episode ready for your audience every single week. If you are going to commit to the time, energy and money to a podcast you want to keep your end goal in mind.

Will you use your podcast to promote your courses or products? Will you use your podcast to grow your email list? There are many ways you can use your podcast to grow your business but to be successful you want to think about your strategy.

Tip #2 Identify your Audience - Who is your audience?

The second question you should hash out is who is your audience? Is the podcast for potential customers or for your peers? This will be crucial in determining your content and messaging. The topics you would choose to address with your potential customers is very different on what you’d talk about with your peers.

If you start your podcast without really knowing who you’re speaking to it could be confusing for your listeners. Do your best to make it very clear who is your ideal audience. A great way to be sure you have the right listeners for your podcast - talk about your podcasts in your opener at the beginning of the podcast. This will help listeners know if the podcast is right for them and if not that’s okay too! Remember that it is a good thing to repel people who are not your ideal client or customers (you can learn more about attracting and repelling in this post).

Ready to start your podcast? Steal my podcast workflow in this free guide! The workflow outlines the steps I take to prepare, record and push my podcast out into the world.

Tip #3 Be Prepared - Do I have time for a podcast?

Before you start your podcast take the time to brain storm your content. A great way to find topics that your audience would find valuable ask your audience! If you have a following on social media pose the question and see what your audience has to say.

Preparation for each podcast is the key to a great podcast. Keep in mind that your audience’s time is important and if you just chat without a clear topic or helpful content you’ll likely lose listeners. Prior to each podcast create an outline of the information you’re going to share. Stick to that outline but be sure you’re infusing your personality. You are what makes your podcast unique so don’t be afraid to just be yourself and have fun.

Tip #4 Have a Call to Action - What do I want my listeners to do when they listen to my podcast?

Your podcast is a powerful tool to communicate with your audience so be sure to use it! Strategically plan out what action you’d like your listeners to take. It might be to sign up for your email list or leave a podcast review. By asking your listeners to take action you are further building your relationship with them and you’ll be able to connect with them again in the future if they sign up for your email list or follow you on Instagram.

I do want to say that if you want to do a podcast just for fun, you should!! I am all about doing something just because you love it so if you’re unsure about your purpose or audience you can work that out over time. One of the main reasons I do my podcast is because I actually LIKE doing it. So, you do you and go for it!

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