Four Things you Need to do on your Website to Grow your Email List

Four Things you Need to do on your Website to Grow your Email List

Like you I always feel bummed out when I see that I am getting traffic to my website but only a small percentage are actually signing up for my e-mail list. Many people would say that I just need more traffic to my site, but more traffic doesn’t necessarily mean more subscribers.

Instead of focusing on more traffic, focus on converting those people who are already visiting your blog or website. People want to know what the “next step” is when they come to your site. Their next step should be completely obvious, that they should sign up for your lead magnet (freebie).

Here are four small changes you can make to your website or blog to help convert your traffic into subscribers.


This is a skinny bar that is placed at the top of your website. Some people will use it to bring attention to a sale or an upcoming event but you can also use it as a space for an e-mail opt in. Be certain to link it to one of your lead magnets to ensure that your new subscriber feels like you are giving them value.

Here is an example of my announcement bar -

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 10.49.38 AM.png


Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 10.49.57 AM.png

Now I know that some people will say that a pop up box can be truly annoying but here’s the thing, they work! If you make it very clear what you are offering in that pop up box and make it valuable, like a discount on a physical product or on a next purchase, people will definitely opt in.

If you have more than one lead magnet, you might what to feature your most popular one in your pop up box - I know that my most popular lead magnet is my Instagram Captions freebie so I made sure to put it front and center.


If you create an epic blog posts packed with tons of value and you notice that it is getting lots of traffic, think about creating a content upgrade. A content upgrade might be a free checklist, a guide or something that makes the information that you shared in your blog post more actionable. You can set up an optin link right inside of that blog post and let your readers know that if they were loving this content there is a way to get more help and guidance.

Make it very obvious inside of that post where they should click to opt in to your list so they can get that content upgrade. Just remember to make this free upgrade valuable, so your readers feel like they just can’t pass it up. If you check out my blog post on how to start an e-mail list I include an opt-in for my email list free guide as a content upgrade.


According to research from Stanford University, 46.1% of people say a website’s design is the top criteria for deciding if a company is credible or not. It actually pays to have a well designed website that will hold someone’s attention. Human’s only have an attention span of 8 seconds when it comes to websites so you have to capture their interest in that very short amount of time.

Be sure to keep your layout fairly simple. The more options someone has on your website the more decisions they have to make which quickly leads to decision fatigue. If there are too many decisions they will just leave your site and never return.

In the header part of your website make sure it is VERY simple and has one very obvious call to action. Be a guide and tell your website visitors exactly what you’d like them to do. If your main objective in your business is to build your e-mail list make that your call to action. Make it very clear as to how you can solve that person’s problem or pain point so they feel like they just have to be on your list.

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