Five Tasks you Could be Outsourcing in your Small Business

Five Tasks you Could be Outsourcing in your Small Business

As small business owners we tend to think we can do it all and take on the role of Jack of all Trades, Master of None (I’m over here raising my hand high, sound like you?). The reality is that no one, no matter how organized can take on all of these roles and do them all well. When done properly outsourcing can free up your time so that you can focus on the creative and visionary work that only you can do in your business. Outsourcing will also help relieve stress and save time by having experts efficiently do the tasks that you likely dread in your business.

Book Keeping + Tax Preparation

If there is only one thing you feel like your should or could afford to outsource it should be book keeping and tax preparation. Just about one year ago I decided that I absolutely needed to invest in a book keeper for my brick and mortar retail business. I was spending hours and hours trying to make sense of all of the sales, expenses and never could fully get to the point of creating an accurate profit and loss statement.

You can hire a book keeper as an independent contractor rather than an employee which I would highly recommend for a small business. The time and stress you will remove, especially during tax season is definitely worth the investment.

If your small business doesn’t have any employees or you do not have an abundance of sales or expenses you could get by doing the book keeping yourself but I would always, always recommend having a qualified accountant complete and file your annual business tax forms.

Blogging + Content Creation

If you have a blog for your business you know that it’s not easy to keep up with creating new blog posts with valuable and helpful content. You can outsource your blogging tasks to an assistant who could upload and format posts, optimize SEO, create content upgrades and source images.

Copywriting + Newsletter Management

Finding the right words to connect and build relationships with your community isn’t always easy. What if you had someone who could write your weekly email letters or write marketing ads? It would be a game changer in your business!

You could hire a copywriter and/or a VA to write your weekly newsletter including your content updates and calls to action. You could also have a copywriter assist with email funnels and even website copy.

Social Media Tasks

Social media, while a needed part of your business can sometimes interrupt your day and take you away from more important work. You can hire a social media manager to take over part or all of your social media (although, I do believe you should still have your hand in some social media to connect with clients/ customers and create relationships).

You can have a social media manager set up and brand your social media accounts, post daily on your accounts and interact with your followers/community by replying to comments or engaging in threads. Some social media managers may use scheduling tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite that they will update and keep filled up with scheduled content. You could even ask them to create new content to add to your social media accounts.

Graphic Design

As a small business owner you know that high quality graphic design and images are a must but they can be a time suck. That’s why it’s important to have an awesome graphic designer on contract. A seasoned graphic designer can help you clarify your brand image and create everything from social media graphics to print business cards and print materials.

Customer Support + Inbox Management

If you offer products or services you likely have many interactions with customers. A contracted virtual assistant to help onboard new clients, answer client/customer questions and reach out or maintain relationships with current customers.

You can also use a virtual assistant to help with inbox management to reduce the amount of time you spend reading and sorting through emails. VA’s can sort through, organize and label emails as well as keep track of frequently asked questions.

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