How to Prepare for a Brand Photo Shoot

How to Prepare for a Brand Photo Shoot

With social media being so important in the world of running an online business or blogging, more and more entrepreneurs are asking photographers for brand shoot sessions.

What is a brand shoot? It’s when you set up a photo session with a photographer with the purpose of them capturing images of you to use on social media, marketing and your website. A session may take place in your home, your studio, anywhere you do your work - really anywhere!


The first step to an awesome branding session is to find a photographer who understands how you will be using the images. Fortunately many photographers understand the need for engaging images that show your personality because they likely have needed photos of themselves for their own social media and website.

Being a photographer I am lucky enough to know many many awesome photographers. I ended up asking AE Photography because I loved her style and ability to help bring out her clients’ personalities. I really wanted my images to connect with my audience and show my laid back and fun personality. It’s important that you feel really comfortable with your photographer so you can truly be relaxed and just have fun with it. That will come across in the images.

If possible try to set up a meeting prior to your session. Let your photographer know your vision for your shoot. Discuss possible locations and think about if you want them to all be related to your business or do you want more lifestyle images. I knew that I wanted a good mix of images that reflected me as a photographer and a small business owner. We opted to do some shots where I am working on my computer or using my phone for social media. We mixed in some more casual photos of me so I have a good variety.


Have fun with choosing your location for your session but keep in mind that it’s important that it be well lit and not too busy of a location. If you are shooting in a very crowded coffee house it can be difficult for the photographer to get the shots you’re hoping for.


If you have really clear ideas of shots that you really want to be sure your photographer take write them down on a shot list. Don’t feel high maintenance or a bad client if you give your photographer a shot list. It helps them to be confident that they capture exactly what you want and helps keep them organized.

A few shot list ideas - sitting at table working at your laptop, drinking cup of coffee, looking away from the camera and looking at the camera. Flat lay photos of your laptop and any tools or things you usually have on your desk while working.


Spending a little time thinking through what you’ll wear will likely help you to be happier with the end result. While it may sound like an awesome opportunity to pull out your highest heels keep in mind that you really want to feel comfortable during your session. If your feet are killing you you’ll enjoy your session less and it might come through in the images.

Choose clothing that reflects your everyday style and how you would look when you would be interacting with your clients or audience. Again, make sure that you are comfortable and that you can move around easily. Think about choosing several outfit changes so you get a variety of looks so that when you are posting to social media it doesn’t look repetitive.

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